Transformation Blog

Bio: The Rev. Dr. Jeffery L. Tribble, Sr. invites you to dialog with him around the theme of Christ-centered transformation as he campaigns for Bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion church for 2016. (See Tribble for Transformation website for more information). As he prepares for his potential election as Bishop in the AME Zion Church, he believes that not only should bishops model a teaching ministry; bishops should also model learning which informs ministry practices. Hence, Dr. Tribble, whose nearly 30 years of ministry experience includes being a pastor and presiding elder in the AME Zion Church as well as practical theologian in the Academy, desires to foster thoughtful conversation on matters that shape the lived experiences of persons in the Church and World across diverse theological viewpoints. The is meant to be a conversational blog across age, gender, race, sexual orientation, denomination, worship practice, and position in or outside of the church. Bloggers need not be clergy or formally trained in theology. At the center of each contributor's approximately 500 word blog should be the question of what Christ-centered transformation looks like in the world, and how we can be agents of that change.

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